I built a PC with parts from Wish and somehow lived | Ashens


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  • Malice min
    Malice min  1 minutes back

    i do wonder what the gpu die says on it

    • TlxFlare
      TlxFlare  25 minutes back

      Is it me or does he sound like shadowfrax?

      • Damir Maatar
        Damir Maatar  34 minutes back

        Goldenfir is a brand who copy and sell fakes Kingston ssd

        • Victor Smith
          Victor Smith  45 minutes back

          i manadged to make a pc from second hand play ark survival evolved at medium 15-28 fps and it cost like 141.815474 British pounds

          • Gaming Maniac
            Gaming Maniac  1 hours back


            *Satan Confirmed*

            • Strange Projects
              Strange Projects  1 hours back

              I guess that was geforce 210. Probably one of the worse graphics card released at that time

              • magnusee
                magnusee  1 hours back

                I love how wish was the commercial I got before this vid

                • Angelo Lorwa
                  Angelo Lorwa  1 hours back

                  666 k viewers. Jikes 😕

                  • L M Fallows
                    L M Fallows  1 hours back

                    And everyone loves WISH, if you only knew... DO NOT BUY FROM WISH!!! your wasting your money.

                    • Evert van Ingen
                      Evert van Ingen  2 hours back

                      Like if you also had a hard time to catch that fart frame 😆

                      • lulzcat
                        lulzcat  2 hours back

                        what a loser, you got ripped off big time, 200 pounds? could of done this for $20

                        • HowlingSnail
                          HowlingSnail  1 hours back

                          The point wasn't to build a PC. The point was to build a PC from random parts on Wish.

                      • Eugen Nathan
                        Eugen Nathan  2 hours back

                        you can buy a brand new Kingstone ssd (where I live) For about the same amount of money (240GB) the 120gb is 20£(new)

                        • Antony Mitchell
                          Antony Mitchell  3 hours back

                          I hope a Q6600 exists, I'm using one right now!

                          • Gabriel Henrique Vieira

                            You should have bought from AliExpress

                            • BishoujoSenshiPachimari

                              But can it run Crysis?

                              • TheErciyaslar
                                TheErciyaslar  4 hours back

                                2:22 haha, one time at my former internship i forgot to switch that to 240v. Thing didn't explode, but smoke started to develope when my co-worker started the PC.

                                • Han Yolo
                                  Han Yolo  4 hours back

                                  Sun lotion or thermal compound... who fucking knows at this point....

                                  • MrVitalic85
                                    MrVitalic85  4 hours back

                                    Does it run Crysis ?

                                    WoahhhoOAaaHHHHH BOOM ☄️💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                    • megahuntinsocke
                                      megahuntinsocke  4 hours back

                                      Goldenfir is actually a cruicial ssd but rebranded. exacct same internals. Have one in the notebook as exchange of the old hdd and notebook now run very fast as hdd was bottleneck

                                      • Jack oloan
                                        Jack oloan  4 hours back

                                        I got a wish ad right after

                                        • PixelPickaxe
                                          PixelPickaxe  4 hours back

                                          That GT 730 is actually a Gigabyte GT 710. I know because I had one.

                                          • Dan Flitchel
                                            Dan Flitchel  5 hours back

                                            I got an ad for Wish before this video 🤦‍♂️

                                            • Stuntman707
                                              Stuntman707  5 hours back

                                              More like pish. com

                                              • Nick's Stuff
                                                Nick's Stuff  6 hours back

                                                I find all that pretty expensive. Didn't benchmark the SSD, though?

                                                • BananaPhoPhilly
                                                  BananaPhoPhilly  6 hours back

                                                  So basically you can maybe run half life....

                                                  • Chris McRoy
                                                    Chris McRoy  6 hours back

                                                    100watt psu is asking for trouble.

                                                    • Arctic Wolf Official
                                                      Arctic Wolf Official  6 hours back

                                                      5:47 LMAO I have that same thing

                                                      • Leepy Lee
                                                        Leepy Lee  7 hours back

                                                        pmsl, awesome vid..Just to top off i bought a ALL GENUINE i3 machine complete with 1TB HD genuine Nvidia 950gtx (2gb) gfx card. 6gb ddr3 in a stylish atx black case for £12.50 ;) All works too lol..Oh btw facebook is your friend.

                                                        • Geleber Kasten
                                                          Geleber Kasten  7 hours back

                                                          Parts are good enough to install "PopstationOS" on it to run Street Overlord or Submarine Invasion on it. Maybe even Chanticleer Hegemony.

                                                          • Lee StarDestroyer
                                                            Lee StarDestroyer  8 hours back

                                                            "you've got dirt, so thats good".....just what you want with every item FREE DIRT!

                                                            • Salt Salt
                                                              Salt Salt  8 hours back

                                                              *I would* have used everything for a cheap funny pc *except the power supply*
                                                              Are you mad ? If anything has to be good quality is the *power supply* as does thing when poor made are known for lighting your house on fire... yes !
                                                              so *please turn of your pc when you go to bed or leave the house* and buy some new smoke detectors (you should swtich em out often anyway)

                                                              • lol tape8
                                                                lol tape8  8 hours back

                                                                OpenGL ?

                                                                • kokodin
                                                                  kokodin  9 hours back

                                                                  isn't new gt 710 cheaper to buy in normal store?

                                                                  • Creativboi
                                                                    Creativboi  9 hours back

                                                                    It’s funny that he’s complaining that he got a free cpu

                                                                    • marty fakeman
                                                                      marty fakeman  9 hours back

                                                                      BRUH I HAVE THAT CASE BUT ITS DEEPCOOL BRANDED

                                                                      • bill gates
                                                                        bill gates  9 hours back

                                                                        *have i made that up in my stupid brain* hahaa subbed

                                                                        • sam Ahmed
                                                                          sam Ahmed  10 hours back

                                                                          Do you run bright side channel as well ?

                                                                          • Offensive Username
                                                                            Offensive Username  11 hours back

                                                                            But would PUBG Mobile with an emulator work on that system?

                                                                            • MrXaryon
                                                                              MrXaryon  11 hours back

                                                                              Why are you using a PS/2 connector as an indicator of a performance?

                                                                              • Zak Ali
                                                                                Zak Ali  11 hours back

                                                                                shat out of satans bumhole had me in stiches lmaoo

                                                                                • eisenklad
                                                                                  eisenklad  12 hours back

                                                                                  a hacked GT730 ... a GT730 is already bottom of barrel. what is it originally? a GT530?... taking off the heatsink might reveal the chip which might have some chip number unless they buffed it out.

                                                                                  and looking online it does resemble an asus GT530 2GB. but given that someone said it was down clocked modded. its more likely to be a GT430 which are Fermi based. everyone knows the Fermi Legacy with the GTX480 grill cooking function

                                                                                  • eisenklad
                                                                                    eisenklad  12 hours back

                                                                                    a 500 GB HDD filled with chinese "pop music" ... right.......

                                                                                    • ne0n
                                                                                      ne0n  12 hours back

                                                                                      you wish you never bought on wish

                                                                                      • max christie
                                                                                        max christie  12 hours back

                                                                                        I remember watching this guy review chicken in a can...

                                                                                        • George Tsiros
                                                                                          George Tsiros  13 hours back

                                                                                          please take the ssd apart and see what flash and controller chips it uses?

                                                                                          • EpicHeartache74
                                                                                            EpicHeartache74  13 hours back

                                                                                            Wow I bought a Mac mini for £50 more that’s a total rip

                                                                                            • jewel gamer 10
                                                                                              jewel gamer 10  14 hours back

                                                                                              He said backing shield I thought it’s an io Shield

                                                                                              • kristopher silver
                                                                                                kristopher silver  14 hours back

                                                                                                I played wow on a 730 in 2016 lol, also starcraft 2 managed to work on it also