Top 5 Worst & Best Modern Spongebob Episodes


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  • Just a Wholesome Lad
    Just a Wholesome Lad  2 minutes back

    best every old one worst every new one

    • omg you killed kenny
      omg you killed kenny  45 minutes back

      Rupaul 6:22

      • Coolguyminecraftwow293
        Coolguyminecraftwow293  56 minutes back

        God i love how you made this list, Instead of making one half the worst and the other half the best you made it Blend which gives it a fresh feel

        • Chey but WHY?
          Chey but WHY?  2 hours back

          I hate how they animate now

          • So1
            So1  3 hours back

            weird I never saw the first ep u showed, i guessed it never aired for that long lol

            • Kevin Olivera
              Kevin Olivera  3 hours back

              Hey phantom striker can you make a top six best nickelodeon movies video Please

              • peri dot
                peri dot  3 hours back

                You should make a video on greatest series finale video and put the series finale for steven universe in it (the end of change your mind)

                • Puppy Maroon
                  Puppy Maroon  4 hours back

                  I honestly like The Legend of Bookini Bottom more than the Scaredy Pants episode.

                  • hi hello
                    hi hello  4 hours back

                    i just realized cuddle e hugs voice actor is the same guy who voiced the dad from the show “the goldburgs”

                    • Chloe Brown
                      Chloe Brown  4 hours back

                      howdy Strider your videos are awesome

                      • Good ol no name 1
                        Good ol no name 1  5 hours back

                        They are on a high

                        • Purple Plaza
                          Purple Plaza  5 hours back

                          AYHN is personally my series least favorite episode but I respect and understand Phantom Strider’s opinion

                          • Joseph Whitaker
                            Joseph Whitaker  5 hours back

                            Who else is excited for the invader zim Netflix special

                            • TEA DAILY
                              TEA DAILY  6 hours back

                              I am scared of cuddle me hugs.

                              • TEA DAILY
                                TEA DAILY  6 hours back

                                I never really knew Stephen Hillenburg, but he seemed like a nice guy. It’s been so many years.. and I love Spongebob. I hope your having fun in heaven. 💗

                                • Mongol empire mapping and gaming

                                  Thanks Stephen hillenburg

                                  Makeing us ocean people

                                  • Vicki Longden
                                    Vicki Longden  14 hours back

                                    0:00 Oh-ho Ba-BA!!!

                                    • Mathew Smith
                                      Mathew Smith  19 hours back

                                      Where is choir boys

                                    • ABCmaster BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB Offical Lollipop FTW

                                      Where is spongebob your fired?

                                      *Stephen Hillenburg*
                                      1961 - 2018

                                      He will forever be in our hearts he is the one and only ocean man may his soul rest in peace he is in a better place now.

                                      • Mr Anonymous
                                        Mr Anonymous  20 hours back

                                        The ending of the big birthday blowout made me really happy and had a really good laugh from gilbert godfree and seeing the memorial to steven hillenburg made me feel so grateful for his gift to all of us growing up with spongebob

                                        Rip steven hillinburg and thank you for spongebob

                                        • Dino Hall
                                          Dino Hall  21 hours back

                                          Bulletin Board should have had an honorable mention but good list.

                                          • Hand - Imations
                                            Hand - Imations  23 hours back

                                            Cuddle E Hugs was about drug addiction now that I think about it

                                            • Abe Prevost
                                              Abe Prevost  22 hours back

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                                          • I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

                                            I think this is one of your best videos because you are much nicer and calmer. I think talking really loud and clear makes other people hate your voice but I love it when you are calm and take it more serious. The way you made this video is clearly a big thank you to Hillenburg.
                                            And if you want to make another green screen video, can you maybe use your normal microphone because the audio of your camera in those videos is honestly pretty bad.
                                            No hate, it's just advice.

                                            • Abe Prevost
                                              Abe Prevost  22 hours back

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                                          • Kidd P Hazel
                                            Kidd P Hazel  23 hours back


                                            I was in a back mood because of a really bad losing streak of Blackjack. How did a reference like that wipe my bad mood away?

                                            • Abe Prevost
                                              Abe Prevost  21 hours back

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                                          • Scarlet Marenco
                                            Scarlet Marenco  1 days back

                                            🦀 SpongeBob

                                            • Abe Prevost
                                              Abe Prevost  21 hours back

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                                          • JaconatorLS
                                            JaconatorLS  1 days back

                                            "House worming" gave me bad flashbacks to the chorus of "Needles" by System Of A Down

                                            • GojiraGuy 1954
                                              GojiraGuy 1954  1 days back

                                              Wait... During the Squirrel Jelly Segment... Was that Sea Shanty 2?

                                              • Angel Wings
                                                Angel Wings  1 days back

                                                Cuddle E Hugs sounds SO Familiar who is the voice actor

                                              • Caroline Eaton
                                                Caroline Eaton  1 days back

                                                Me: **eating spicy Thai noodles**
                                                PhantomStrider: WORMS

                                                • Dan Blair
                                                  Dan Blair  1 days back

                                                  I like how in Bookini, there was the nod reference, to both times of Plankton, when The Flying Dutchman goes inside Spongebob's brain and gets scared in a roller coaster turn of events.

                                                  • HerobrineSings
                                                    HerobrineSings  1 days back

                                                    I feel like for Squirrel Jelly they tried to show you how competitive she actually is.

                                                    Her competitive nature was noted in older episodes.

                                                    • Flamingo Diva
                                                      Flamingo Diva  1 days back

                                                      One of my favorties is the clay animation chirstmas special! If you don't watch that every Christmas, you get coal.

                                                      • tony koning
                                                        tony koning  1 days back

                                                        what more scareyer cuddle e hugs as an animatetronic or an scp

                                                        • Kolby J
                                                          Kolby J  1 days back

                                                          Would still love an updated Steven Universe list :)

                                                          • Chidon0
                                                            Chidon0  1 days back

                                                            list got a dislike has season 9 and 8 episodes on it

                                                            • Super Mario Dinosaurs
                                                              Super Mario Dinosaurs  1 days back

                                                              Make a video about the top 6 or top 10 best/worst cartoons from Italy

                                                              • War Hut
                                                                War Hut  1 days back

                                                                Just when he came back
                                                                He disappeared he was spongebob
                                                                Only way to get good again
                                                                Nobody knows more about spongebob
                                                                Then he does
                                                                He created a show that was a big part of my childhood and I found
                                                                About the first episode
                                                                His legacy still live on in the first
                                                                Three seasons of one the best
                                                                And special cartoons ever

                                                                • The Mystery Bar
                                                                  The Mystery Bar  1 days back

                                                                  One Course Meal: Bad because suicide and depression
                                                                  Are You Happy Now?: Good because suicide and depression

                                                                  Excuse me what

                                                                  • Cloud _7
                                                                    Cloud _7  2 days back

                                                                    Ya can't forget about Wormy. That is my all time favorite Spongebob episode! 🦋

                                                                    • Cyka Lasagna
                                                                      Cyka Lasagna  2 days back

                                                                      Squirrel jelly is the only time I felt bad for modern patrick.

                                                                      • Loki Vanni
                                                                        Loki Vanni  2 days back

                                                                        You should do a Top 5 Best and Worst Classic Spongebob episodes!

                                                                        • Memeatron 9000
                                                                          Memeatron 9000  2 days back

                                                                          Although I agree 100% with you, you are an adult. Why do you care about a kids show?

                                                                          • 2spooky2play
                                                                            2spooky2play  2 days back

                                                                            Memeatron 9000 He wants the best for kids.

                                                                        • NasHawk
                                                                          NasHawk  2 days back

                                                                          I honestly didn't like Goodbye Krabby Patty, the story felt rushed and predictable

                                                                          • Nate Wrench
                                                                            Nate Wrench  2 days back

                                                                            i really appreciate all your awesome videos strider,
                                                                            keep up the good work

                                                                            • w O W O m y
                                                                              w O W O m y  2 days back

                                                                              I believe the newest ones (like "the krusty bucket") are really annoying and more over exaggerated.

                                                                              • Tabbycat Drawing
                                                                                Tabbycat Drawing  2 days back

                                                                                Wait, I thought these episodes were supposed to be after season 9? "Are You Happy Now?" and "Little Yellow Book" are before season 10?

                                                                                • Storm1001
                                                                                  Storm1001  2 days back

                                                                                  Wait spongebob episodes are still being made?

                                                                                  • B00ST10
                                                                                    B00ST10  2 days back

                                                                                    Because we’re men