Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders (Episode 2 Clip) | HBO


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  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones  3 days back

    What a great clip. However, at this point in both of their careers, McVay could really teach Jon Gruden a thing or 2 about coaching a championship team. Horns Up Baby.

    • jose reveles
      jose reveles  3 days back


      • Shannon Nealy
        Shannon Nealy  3 days back

        Pro football is dead.

        • Richard Morris
          Richard Morris  1 days back

          it's not dead but I doupt it will ever return to the popularity it had from 68-08.

      • Storm10112
        Storm10112  3 days back

        Sean Mcvay may just get a Super Bowl win some day...but not today, and NEVER against the Raiders.

        • Simon Roy
          Simon Roy  2 days back

          Off course , the raiders won't make the super bowl.

      • Seth Lopez
        Seth Lopez  3 days back

        Wtf HBO where's the full episode you'll slacking smh unsubscribed

        • PapaGeorg10
          PapaGeorg10  2 days back

          Full episode? lol You don't know HBO isn't free lmao

      • Bruce Kwak
        Bruce Kwak  3 days back

        Raiders only win 4 games this year you heard it from the swommie first

        • Matthew Thomas-erwin
          Matthew Thomas-erwin  3 days back


          • planetcheck
            planetcheck  4 days back

            When are these loser Raiders going to move out of Oakland?
            They give Oakland a bad name.
            The sooner the City evicts them, the better!

            • Program Files™
              Program Files™  3 days back

              planetcheck Oakland is the shithole of NorCal buddy nothing will change it

          • Tax-bitchass biyatch
            Tax-bitchass biyatch  4 days back

            Gruden didnt age and Mcvay Aged what happened ?

            • MrChiCity3
              MrChiCity3  4 days back

              Please post this episode please!!!

            • Carlos Inda
              Carlos Inda  4 days back

              Old Jon Gruden and Young Jon Gruden

              • BillHicks420
                BillHicks420  4 days back

                I have HBO Nordics, why don't they have this?

                • Mix Master
                  Mix Master  4 days back

                  Where's the full episode

                • Mnaeq
                  Mnaeq  4 days back

                  fml,i got hbo but the wrong kind (hbo Nordic)

                  • Nick
                    Nick  4 days back


                • Willie91
                  Willie91  4 days back

                  Anyone have an idea of what time today they will drop this new epi? I missed it last night on hbo

                  • Willie91
                    Willie91  4 days back

                    @Adam K i live in gay old canda.. we get the shitty side of hbo

                  • Adam K
                    Adam K  4 days back

                    if you have hbo just log onto your account and type it in and watch any time

                • Victor Garza
                  Victor Garza  4 days back

                  What a road to become a head coach. There are so many 'piss' boys that don't make. Heck of price to pay in hopes of landing one of only 32 jobs in the world.

                • T7
                  T7  4 days back

                  WHY IS HARD KNOCKS NOT ON YT ANYMORE ???????

                  • Adam K
                    Adam K  4 days back

                    only episode 1 is allowed moron. it defeats the purpose of people paying for hbo if everyone could watch on youtube

                • Juan 61 RT
                  Juan 61 RT  5 days back

                  When will the second episode be up

                  • Jr Miss
                    Jr Miss  4 days back

                    Juan 61 RT I got y’all

                  • Juan 61 RT
                    Juan 61 RT  4 days back

                    @Adam K I had it with our cable but my parents ain't like it it so they cut it off

                  • Adam K
                    Adam K  4 days back

                    @Juan 61 RT just get hbo its worth it tons of great shows not very expensive

                  • Juan 61 RT
                    Juan 61 RT  4 days back

                    @Adam K noooooooooooooooooooooooo

                • Your Friendly Neighborhood Koala

                  Will the full episode be available on YouTube?

                  • Comedic Underground Movement C.U.M.
                    Comedic Underground Movement C.U.M.  4 days back

                    @Adam K Episode 1 is gone now too RIP fuck HBO unsubbing........NOW

                  • Adam K
                    Adam K  4 days back

                    @Robert Garcia just get HBO its 10000000x better than netflix way better shows

                • Marke Sertalkink
                  Marke Sertalkink  5 days back


                  • brian bolinger
                    brian bolinger  5 days back

                    What is there not to like about McVay or the Rams?

                    • Richard Morris
                      Richard Morris  1 days back

                      @C Tk no one wants to hear it but that's spot on from where I'm sitting. besides the Rams can't call a penalty on themselves. and they are not what I'd call a dirty team.

                    • †RVSTY TEVSPOON†
                      †RVSTY TEVSPOON†  3 days back

                      Shut the hell up brees choked in overtime boy.....
                      So stfu

                    • L G R W
                      L G R W  4 days back

                      C Tk I 100 percent agree the saints had a chance to win even with the bad missed call, but the point is if the refs just made the obvious call Bree’s wouldn’t have to even be in the field to throw that int, not defending the int by Bree’s it was a terrible play by Bree’s either take the sack or throw it away than throwin it up for grabs, but the point is the game would’ve already been over if they made the call(assuming the saints don’t. choke the chip shot field goal) amd I’m a titans fan so no bias at all for New Orleans. It’s jus facts they clearly deserved to win that game again assuming they don’t choke the 20 yd field goal. Which there is about a 1% chance that they would’ve missed from 20 yds. Wasn’t gonna happen.

                    • x3CruZerx3
                      x3CruZerx3  4 days back

                      @Shut the hell up i am totally with you regarding the PI but the Saints got the ball first in OT and Drew screwed it up with his INT...

                    • C Tk
                      C Tk  5 days back

                      Shut the hell up That loss was on the Saints. They couldn’t hold on to a 13 point lead at home then turned the ball over in OT when they had the first possession. The Saints deserved to be there less than the Rams.

                  • Brandon Cazares
                    Brandon Cazares  5 days back

                    Jon gruden is awesome

                    • Paige Pellaton
                      Paige Pellaton  5 days back

                      LOL Gruden sounds SO salty

                      • Adam K
                        Adam K  4 days back

                        not at all you are a moron

                      • Andrew Heitmeyer
                        Andrew Heitmeyer  5 days back

                        Yeah I remember my first time hearing Gruden talk

                      • CCZ
                        CCZ  5 days back

                        LOL no

                    • Derrick Jones
                      Derrick Jones  5 days back

                      Wasn’t there a fight between the rams and raiders

                      • Michael Fraser
                        Michael Fraser  5 days back

                        theres always fights in these scrimmages they shouldn't have them as Aaron Rodgers alluded too

                      • Rickytang 94
                        Rickytang 94  5 days back

                        Yeah there was a fight

                      • Paige Pellaton
                        Paige Pellaton  5 days back

                        Really?? That'll make for some good tv.

                    • Ernest Rimbeck
                      Ernest Rimbeck  5 days back

                      Jon "Piss Boy" Gruden

                      • yung vo
                        yung vo  5 days back

                        Well dam

                        • Scott Chiware
                          Scott Chiware  5 days back

                          So he just showed up at the building and asked for an NFL job 🙄 lets tell the full story, he had connections

                          • PapaGeorg10
                            PapaGeorg10  2 days back

                            Yeah,, all those guys know someone in the industry. Thats how everything works

                          • Bruce Kwak
                            Bruce Kwak  3 days back

                            I find that brown nosing will get you a lot and suck ass to

                          • Patjersey3000
                            Patjersey3000  3 days back

                            @Your Friendly Neighborhood Koala The point is there are other people that have the skill shawn has he just had connections that's all nobody is hating on him but we have to realize too many times people like to present this Bootstrap Story when it's not the case

                          • Lee J. Green
                            Lee J. Green  5 days back

                            He had coaching experience in the CFL before he got to the bucs

                        • Giorgio Tsoukalos
                          Giorgio Tsoukalos  5 days back

                          I don’t like the Rams but I respect Sean McVay and the way he’s turned the organization around

                          • †RVSTY TEVSPOON†
                            †RVSTY TEVSPOON†  3 days back

                            Frank Youell must be a salty saint fan......

                          • BC Evans
                            BC Evans  3 days back

                            @NBA x QRN x 4kt The Rams didn't fail to make that call on PI. That was on the ref who didn't call it.

                          • Giorgio Tsoukalos
                            Giorgio Tsoukalos  4 days back

                            If the Raiders are MY team why would I like the Rams? I ain’t like you new fans cheering for multiple teams n shit.

                          • Al El
                            Al El  4 days back

                            @Vick Moneymaker hehehe

                          • Vick Moneymaker
                            Vick Moneymaker  4 days back

                            They hate the Rams because they can’t beat them only in preseason lol

                        • The_Chocolate1 #GoHawks

                          Who gives a f*** this is boring.... Give me AB FOH

                          • Mario Molina
                            Mario Molina  5 days back

                            When will it be up on YouTube?

                          • ThA MAN C MAcK
                            ThA MAN C MAcK  5 days back

                            That’s Bad Ass.

                            Salute the Troops.

                            • Dustin D
                              Dustin D  5 days back

                              SHOW US THE FOOT

                            • ThA MAN C MAcK
                              ThA MAN C MAcK  5 days back

                              Yea man

                              • Drew Amstadt
                                Drew Amstadt  5 days back

                                much anticipated...

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